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Guide For Safe Swimming

If you would like to barbeque in one of the designated barbeque areas, please contact one of the lifeguards or beach personnel. Since burning ash and/or left over material can cause injury, barbequing outside of the designated areas is strictly prohibited.
Vehicles are prohibited on the beach.

When bottles or cans are dropped on the beach, the resulting broken glass cannot be seen in the sand and is extremely dangerous. Please remove all your trash when you leave the beach, or deposit it in the designated containers.

box3.gifSwimming Area

Please swim only between the red and yellow flags.flag
Many people are injured by swimming too close to the edges of the swimming area. Please exercise caution when near the limits of the area. Also, please refrain from swimming in the prohibited areas.


At every lifeguard/beach personnel tower, lifeguard center and beach observation area, there are flags flown, indicating the daily swimming conditions. The color of the flags flown indicates the conditions.
flag Swimming OK image
Swimming allowed, however, caution is advised
Swimming prohibited
Flags are flown at every lifeguard/beach personnel tower(T), lifeguard center(C), and beach observation area().

 In the sea, a large, powerful fast moving current running off the beach out to the ocean is called a “riptide.” The bigger the waves, the stronger the riptide is. If you feel a current pulling your legs or body towards the ocean, it is important to not panic. Riptides always lose their power, so stay calm. Even if you are tired, or can’t swim well, just float on the surface of the water and try to swim parallel to the shore. Once you have escaped the strength of the riptide, you will be able to swim back safely to shore.

boxIf you get into difficulties while swimming,,,,
If you get into difficulties while swimming, you should wave your arms in as large a motion as possible. This is the gesture for “help” and the lifeguards will come and rescue you immediately.

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