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How to sort your rubbish


Waste sould be sorted into burnable and non-burnable rubbish and recyclables.  Recyclables should then be sorted by category.  Nearly all recyclable procucts and packageing are marked with the relevant symbol.

可燃・燃やせる burnable rubbish
Food and organic waste, garden waste, plastics and vinyl (but not plastic bottles with the PET mark), foam packaging, leather goods, bedding and blankets.
Large items like blankets should be less than 1m2 in size and tied with string. Stickers for items too large to fit in bags can be purchased alongside Oarai Designated Rubbish Bags.
不燃・燃やせない non-burnable rubbish
Lightbulbs bottle caps, umbrellas, crockery and cutlery, ceramics, small household electronics eg. radio, iron.
資源 Recyclables

Recyclables should be sorted into the following categories, taken to a collection point (回収場所) and placed into the relevant pile or container.
Cans かん類
Cans should be sorted into steel (スチール) or aluminium (アルミ).
●Make sure cans are empty and clean.

Bottles びん類
Bottles should be sorted into beer bottle (ビールびん), transparent glass bottles (透明びん), brown glass bottles (茶びん), green/blue/other coloured glass and plastic PET bottles (ペットボトル).
●bottle caps should be disposed of with non-burnable rubbish.
●Make sure bottles are empty and clean
●Remove all labels from PET bottles and dispose of them as burnable rubbish.

Paper/Cardboard 紙類
Separate paper by type (newspaper, cardboard, other type, juice and milk cartons) and tie the bundles with string.
●Other types of paper include glossy and magazine paper, note books, books.
●Paper packaging with oil or food waste and other types of paper such as carbon paper, envelopes with plastic windows, oiled paper, tissue paper on should be disposed of as burnable rubbish.
●Juice and milk cartons should be rinsed, unfolded to flat and tied into bundles.

Bedding and Materials 布類
Old clothes and sheets can be recycled if washed.
●Futon, mattresses and carpets cannot be put out with recycling.

Used Batteries 乾電池
Place in the used battery box.

Oversize Rubbish 粗大ゴミ
To dispose of oversize items, purchase a ticket and contact Oarai Town Office Community Safety and Enviromental Services Division to request collection.
Large items: furniture such as beds, shelves, desks
Small items: bikes, stoves etc. 
Moving House/Large Volumes of Rubbish
If you need to dispose of a large volume of rubbish, please sort the items correctly and take them to Oarai-Hokota-Mito Enviromental Services Association Waste Processing Center (大洗町成田町4287 〒311-1313).
Items that cannot be collected
Bricks, blocks, concrete, tyres, cement, televisions, chemical containers, medical or pharmaceutical products and containers, agricultural tools, paints, paint thinner, fishing nets, tiles, oil, washing machines, air conditioners, fridges and freezers, motorbikes.

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