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Emergency -- nuclear accident occurs

There is a nuclear power plant in Ibaraki Prefecture. If an emergency is announced, try to obtain accurate information, and stay calm.


If a nuclear accident occurs...

Information will be transmitted via television and radio at the following stations.

  Name Tune
television  NHK  Channel 1
radio  NHK 1  594 kHz
 NHK FM(MITO)  83.2 MHz
 IBS(MITO)  1197 kHz

box Be sure to listen to announcements from public-information vehicles and disaster prevention broadcasts.
box Avoid confusing, unfounded rumors.
box Stay inside the building unless advised otherwise.
box Make sure your doors and windows are closed, and turn off all fans.
box When coming inside a building, wash your face and hands thoroughly and change clothes.(Place worn clothes in a plastic bag.)
box Don't drink any tap or well water until its safety has been confirmed.
*disaster prevention broadcasts are set up in your homes and you can get emergency information such as in case of disasters by them. To get the disaster prevention broadcasts, you should contact SEIKATSU-KANKYOU-KA in Oarai town office.

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source : Ibaraki Prefecture
  Leaflet of "If a Nuclear Accident Occurs"

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