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boxIncome tax /residence tax
In Japan, tax levied on one’s income is roughly classified as income tax ( Shotoku-zei ) ,which in levied by the central government; and residence tax (Jyuumin-zei),which is levied by the prefecture or local government. Most salaried workers will have income tax and residence tax withheld from their monthly salary. Those who income tax and residence tax are not withheld their salary, they need to pay income tax to the national tax office and a residence tax to the municipal office.

boxAutomobile tax /Light-vehicle tax

Automobile tax, light-vehicle tax are levied on all persons who own an automobile or a light-vehicle (including scooters, large motorcycles) as of April 1st each year. Automobile tax bills are distributed by each prefecture office, light-vehicle tax bills are distributed by the local municipality. Bills should be paid through a bank, post office, by the stated date.

*An automobile license is required to drive a car in Japan. You can ride a scooter up to 50cc on a normal automobile license. Anything with a larger engine size requires a separate motorbike license.

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