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Greeting at meal

 kigo3.gifItadakimasu kigo3.gif
It is customary to say "Itadakimasu"before you eat in Japan.
The word "Itadaku"is a humble expression of "Morau=get".
kigo3.gif Gochisousamadeshita, Oishikuitadakimashita/Oishikattadesu kigo3.gif
<Japanese> Gochisousamadeshita
<English> Thank you for the treat.
It is customary to say after you eat ,"Gochisousamadesita".
This word expresses " thanks".and the original meaning of the word is "Chisou=running around",and add an "O"and "sama" to make it more polite.
<Japanese> Oishikuitadakimashita, Oishikattadesu
<English> It was so delicious
This is said after finishing a meal.It gives thanks to the chef and for such a delicious meal.
kigo3.gif Mou-kekkoudesu kigo3.gif
<Japanese> Mou-kekkoudesu
<English> It has not needed any longer.
When you are offered more, you can use this to politely decline more.

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