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Greeting at home

Itteikimasu, Itterasshyai
<Japanese> Itterasshyai
"Ittekimasu" is used by the person who leaves, but the word "Itterasshyai"is used by the person who sees you off.
<Japanese> Itteikimasu
<English> I'm leaving now.
It is used when you leave your house.
Tadaima, Okaeri/Okaerinasai
<Japanese> Tadaima
<English> I'm home..
When you come back home, this word is used. It is a shortened version of “Tadaima kaeri-mashita”.
<Japanese> Okaeri, Okaerinasai
<English> Welcome back
"Tadaima" is used by the person who arrives back home,but the word "Okaeri/Okaerinasai" is used for the returning person by the person already at home.
Ojamashimasu, Ojamashimashita
<Japanese> Ojamashimasu
When you enter someone's home, you should say "Ojamashimasu".
The original word of "Jamasuru" means "obstruct" or "interrupt" and adding the word "o", makes it more polite.
<Japanese> Ojamashimashita
When you leave someone's home, you should say this word.


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