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The Japanese(HIRAGANA) syllabary


 kigo3.gifThe Japanese(HIRAGANA) syllabary

Hiragana is Japanese syllabary,one basic component of the Japanese writing system, along with Katakana, Kanji.

 Learning Hiragana is the first step in learning how to read and write Japanese.It is the first of the three Japanese scripts that Japanese children learn.

 Style of Japanese 

Japanese can be written both horizontally(left to right) in Japanese  as Yokogaki and vertically(top to bottom)  in Japanese as Tategaki ,as well as many East Asian scripts.

We usually write down these style chart vertically.Traditionally,Japanese is written vertically in columns going from top to bottom and ordered from right to left,with each new column starting to the left of the preceding one. 

Hiragana Chart (Basic) 

hiragana chart thumbnail
    Click on "Hiragana Chart(Basic)" to see enlarged virsion.


 Hiragana Chart (additional sounds)

hiragana additional sounds thumbnail
    Click on "Hiragana Chart(additional sounds)" to see enlarged virsion.


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