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Earthquakes and Tsunami

If an earthquake occurs...

I.When you are at home or work

 ●Ensure your physical safety

  Shelter under a table, desk, or similar object. Stay clear of refrigerators, pianos, cupboards chests, bookshelves, and other upright furniture.

 ●Turn off sources of fire

  Extinguish all sources of fire, such as heaters, cookers, and bathwater heaters. Turn gas off at the mains.

 ●Secure an exit

  Open your front door immediately. Doors can become jammed due to tremors, especially in apartment buildings.

 ●Be prepared for aftershocks

  Be aware that major earthquakes are always followed by aftershocks. Clear all the furniture from one room and turn it into a safe zone for the whole
      family to sleep and live in.

 ●Stay Informed

  Listen to information being broadcast on official channels on the television, radio, etc.

 Cooperate with your neighbours

  If a fire breaks out, call out loudly ‘KAJI-DA' to warn people. If you need help, call to your neighbours.

II.When you are outside

 ●In the street

  Protect your head with both hands or a nearby object. Avoid falling objects, move quickly away from buildings, and evacuate to a place that seems safe.  
  Get away from high risk areas near window panes, vending machines, block walls etc.


 ●If you are on public transport

  Follow staff instructions. Don't go out though emergency exits or windows unless instructed.

 ●If you are driving

  Pull over to the kerb without applying the emergency brakes. If you get out of your car, leave the key in the ignition and the doors unlocked.

If the event of a tsunami...

 ●In the event of an earthquake or tsunami, mobile phones will receive an emergency alert and warning sirens will sound.

 ●Move away from the coast and rivers and try to get to higher ground.


 ●Follow dark green evacuation signs 「避難(ひなん)」to the nearest evacuation point.

 ●If you cannot reach high ground, try to find a sturdy building such as a school or public building.

 ●Be aware that small as well as large earthquakes can trigger tsunami.


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