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Preparing for Disaster

Japan is one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world. There is no way of knowing when, where, or on what scale earthquakes will occur.

In the event of a disaster, the Japanese government broadcasts warning messages on all phone networks. Your phone will sound loudly and display a message in Japanese describing the nature of the disaster.

■Preparing for Disaster
 ●Check evacuation routes and the location of emergency shelters in your neighbourhood

 ●Make sure family and friends have your address and contact details

 ●Confirm where the safest place is in your house or apartment.

 ●Fasten large items of furniture such as refrigerators, shelves and pianos to prevent them from falling or moving during a quake.

 ●Keep glass and ceramic items in low cupboards.

 ●Have sturdy footwear ready to prevent injury from any broken glass.

 ●Store enough drinking water to last for a few days (2-3 litres per person per day).

 ●Store enough food to last for a few days (around 3 days’ worth of pre-packed, freeze-dried, canned and other preserved foods).

 ●Keep a supply of common medicines and a first aid kit.

 ●Prepare an emergency kit (include items such as a torch, radio, spare dry batteries, emergency fuel, warm clothes, food and water).



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