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Japanese Language Class

■Japanese Language Class(日本語教室)

A free Japanese language class led by students from Ibaraki University and local volunteers is held twice a month at Oarai Town Office.

All abilities and ages welcome.

Bring your own textbook or study materials, use one of the textbooks available to borrow, or practise conversation with a native speaker.

Place: 3rd Floor, Oarai Town Office 大洗町役場3

Time: 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month, 6:30-8;00p.m.



■Oarai International Association(大洗町国際交流協会)

There are about 800 foreign residents living in Oarai; Oarai International Association exists to help facilitate contact and good relations between the Japanese and foreign residents of Oarai town.

We hold a variety of different events such as “Oshaberi Hiroba”, an international exchange party and provide living support for foreign residents, including multi-lingual translations of the rules regarding trash collection and other such useful information.

'Oshaberi Hiroba'

This is an exchange party where you can enjoy talking over a nice cup of tea and snacks. It doesn’t matter where you are from, everyone is welcome. We are waiting for you with various events introducing foreign culture. We sometimes even hold cooking classes. Please join and enjoy meeting and talking with one another!


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