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 Many species of fish can be found in the sea around Oarai including sardines, flatfish and various kinds of clam and shellfish. These fish are usually eaten either raw or deep fried. Many restaurants in Oarai use locally caught fish in their sushi, sashimi and other seafood dishes. There are also many fish processing plants in Oarai which produce other seafood products for distribution around Japan and internationally.

In recent years the catch of these fish has declined and there has been a move towards a more sustainable fishing policy in the area.


 Oarai’s main agricultural products are rice, sweet potato, daikon (Japanese radish) and other vegetables. In 2005, some of the sweet potato crop was distilled to make ‘shochu’, a Japanese liquor. This drink has proved to be very successful.

 From 2006, rice produced in Oarai has been used in school lunches. One day each month, the school lunch is made using produce from local farms and fisheries. The project is being used to educate children on the importance of buying local produce.



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