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Seasons and Weather in Oarai

The four seasons in Japan are clearly defined. In the Kanto region where Oarai is located, each season lasts for around a quarter of the year.


In Oarai, ‘kanbai’ or plum blossom season begins at the end of February, with the plum trees reaching full bloom at the end of March. Picnicking under the blossom is a popular Springtime activity.  


Throughout April and May the temperature rises gradually and the year’s rice is planted, bringing greenery to Oarai and the surrounding countryside. After the rainy season in June, Summer begins.


Summer in Oarai is generally hot and humid, with temperatures often surpassing 30 degrees. Late Summer also brings with it the typhoon season, which lasts until early October. Swimming in the Pacific and attending festivals and firework shows in the evening are popular Summer activities.


Towards the end of September, the Summer heat begins to fade and the first signs of Autumn appear, including beautiful Autumn foliage and the bright harvest moon ‘chushu no meigetsu’ in October and November. During Autumn, the year’s rice crop is harvested.

December in Oarai is very cold but the weather is generally crisp and clear. The average winter temperature is around four degrees. In mid-February the first welcome signs of Spring reappear along with the plum blossoms.

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