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    Oarai is located around 100km from Tokyo in the centre of Ibaraki Prefecture, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

    It is about 11km south-east of the prefectural capital, Mito. To the north the town is bordered by Hitachinaka city, to the west by Mito city and to the south by Hokota city.

 Location                                      Area
Latitude: 36°18' North              23.19km2
 Longitude: 140°34' East


■Population (2019.1)

  Total: 16,880

  Men: 8,377
  Women: 8,503

  Households: 7,505


■Town Symbols

Town Mark 町章

The mark uses the first character of Oarai (大). The first character means "big" and has been stylistically altered so the arms sweep around to take on the appearance of a wave, with the first part of a breaking wave appearing as a blue drop at the top of the symbol.

Town Flower

Azalea grow naturally in fields and gardens in the town. The deep, rich colour of the flower brings peace of mind to those who see it. This symbol is deeply loved by the townspeople.

Town Tree
 -Pine Tree(Matsu)

The pine tree has a long lifespan and is evergreen. The distinctive appearance of this tree is one of the symbols of Oarai.

Town Bird

The seagull has a graceful appearance and is strong in flight over the open sea.




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