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News/Events 2015

Opening period of the beach:Jul 18-Aug 23
Day Event
Jun 14 Clam Festival
Jul 20 Oarai Tourism Association Cup Yacht Race
Jul 25
(Jul 26/ in case of postponement)
Oarai Marine Fireworks Display
Jul 31 - Aug 2 2015 JVA Beach-Volleyball  series A in Oarai
2015 Beach-Volleyball  in Oarai   
Aug 9 Beach Wrestling in Oarai
Aug 9 Evening of Bon-Odori
Aug 22 - 23 Oarai Hassaku Festival
Aug 29 - 30 Oarai Cup 2015 Surfing and Body boarding
Aug 29 - 30 2015 Ibaraki Billfish Tournament
Sea Thanksgiving Festival
Sep 4 - 6 ISU  Ibaraki  Surfing  Classic
Sep 26 Harvest Moon
In early Oct Shirasu Festival
Oct24 - 25 Welcome Event for "Kaiomaru"
In late Oct Cutting of the Anglerfish Ceremony
In late Oct - in late Nov Oarai Chrysanthemum Festival
Nov 14 Oarai Dance Festival
Nov 15 Oarai Anglerfish Festival
In middle Dec Oarai Agricultural Festival
Jan 1 New Year's Day
First Sunshine of the Year
In late March Oarai Spring Festival
Kairaku Festa Fireworks Display

  Oarai scenery : You can see the Oarai's some scenery through the photo.

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